Main facility is a lunch box type science kit. The guard station is a fisherprice toy, and the green house is a Dora the Explorer green house. the lower portion the Compound Z plant consist of two pieces from the Wayne manor playset and an X men chamber. the set includes many odds and ends including shell casing holder, VvV Dr. Mindbender lap tops and plastic tubes

Ever since I saw the promo for GI Joe Renegades I knew I wanted to make this playset! the top part is the Cobra Industries Research Facility a front for the Evil organization that is COBRA! It consist of a main lab that has three rooms. It has a green house and a guard station as well.The sculpture is that of the Cobra industries logo. The lower portion which is a Compound Z manufacturing plant where Hazard vipers work to make compound Z a mysterious formula that turns common people into Cobra zombies!

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