Fisher Price House,Two Wayne Manor Batman playsets,Sesame Street Playset, McDonald's Playset,Spawn Alley Playset,ToyStory 3 playset,Scratch built police station,paint, printable s,LIL Bratz lamp post,Two Dora the Explorer playset's Way too many accessories to list! Interchangeable 1/18 scale cars,motorcycles and civilian action figures.

This is my custom Springfield playset. Although I have since changed it to be smaller, it was massive, as you can see. Beneath sits a Cobra headquarters playset ( I will post later). The playset featured a City Hall, doctors office, hardware store, police station, McDonald's, Starbucks, Old factory, two old abandoned buildings, and a motorcycle garage! I always wanted a little town playset ever since I saw the making of featurette of "Back To The Future" as a kid! I also was inspired by the GI Joe episode "There's no place like Springfield" and a custom I once saw on!

As I mentioned the play set has changed significantly. It was too large and hard to take great photos of Joes on. Its now much smaller and more of a square than a Main St. But that could always change as well! I had a blast making this! It was like running a town!

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