The Kreo version of the Tactical Platform
A few Lego computers, though it could easily be done without them.

I loved that Kreo did the Tactical Battle Platform - I loved this thing as a kid, and as an adult, I thought it as the perfect place to put my Kreo collection.

Thing is... It was not right. Too constrained by the Battleship kreo set that it was based on, the Kreo version didn't have a lot of the play features that the original did. So using almost all parts that came from the set, I set about reconfiguring them into something that approximated the original.

I added the computer station, the winch, a ladder down, a armory storage area and most importantly, the ramp to the ground and the raised helipad, which were so critical to the design of the first one.

So while I give a hats off to Kreo for putting one out, I like mine better.

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