The base was originally a Target G.I. Joe knock off. I peeled off the old stickers and printed my own. The machine gun nest at the top has been modified after removing two of the guns and replacing them with generic 1/18 scale parts.

There is a mounted flamethrower on the right and a missile launcher on the left. Then, I added my version of Oktober Guard in Russian at the top.

This is the command center for the October Guard. It is staffed by Lt. Gorky, Col. Brekhov, Stormavik, Shrage, Big Bear, Red Star, Daina, Volga and Horror Show.

My custom Dragonsky is manning the mounted flamethrower on the right side. Soviet Super Spy, Stirlitz is on the lift on the right and you can see the others manning the vehicles. The Soviet Counterparts of G.I. Joe have now a base all to their own.

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