Figures: 25th Snow Job
Huskies: Schleich
Dog Sled: Playmobil
Ski Sled: Playmobil
Tent: Marauder
Equipment Cases: Playmobil
Accessories: Playmobil
Penguin: Scleich

This is the first custom I have worked on in over a year. I would like to dedicate it to my father. When I started working on 1:18 'Action Man' customs, we started talking about which ones I was going to make. The first thing he said was: "Are you going to make the dog sled?" The first words out of my mouth were "Hell, yes!"

When I saw the Wippin' It Challenge as part of Custom Celebration 8, I thought: Why not at least post the parts and see where it goes. Two weeks later, I had a great feeling of achievement in finishing the set.

I looked around to see if I could find a dog sled that was easily available in 1:18 scale rather than trying to make one. I liked the one Oreobuilder used, but I couldn't locate one, but I eventually tracked down the Playmobil sled. It needed a little modifying, but not much.

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