Escape Officer:
Both Heads: Cross Hairs
Cap: Vortious
Woolly Hat: Sculpted
Arms/Torso: Renegades Cobra Commander
Legs: Build'n'Brawl
Greatcoat: Sculpted
Briefcase: Build'n'Brawl
Lugers: Marauder
Torch: Marauder
Barrel Extension: Marauder

German Soldier:
21st Century
MP40: Marauder

Camp Kommandant:
Hat: 21st Century
Head: Cross Hairs
Body: Indiana Jones German Motorbike Rider

Sentry Box:Cardboard

MG34: Marauder
Sandbags: PTE
Railing: Build'n'Brawl
Chair: Marauder

This was one of the first ideas my father and I came up with when I embarked on my 1:18 Action Man Project. It was also one of my favourite sets I had as a kid. I already had a 21st Century German Soldier and a spare German Motorbike rider. All I had to do was fit a new head and hat to the rider. The 21st Century head was bald, so I just cast the hat and fitted it onto a Cross Hairs head. I repainted the shoulder board to make him a Hauptmann to represent the real life Colditz Security Officer Reinhold Eggers who was respected by the POWs for his attitude and lack of rancour towards them, despite all the escape attempts. The Commandant outfit was issued separately on a card, but I had this outfit as well so I wanted to add it.
I made the template for the sentry box a couple of years ago in preparation for this set. It is based on the original cardboard sentry box that came with the Action Man set. I could not find a good unassembled picture online, so I had to put the design together from scratch in Microsoft Digital Image Suite. I then altered the template to make the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Grenadier Guard sentry boxes.
The set still looked a little bare, so I raided my parts boxes and found a pice of railing, and some PTE sandbags. I added a Marauder MG34 and chair for the sentry box. As a last minute addition, I put a Nazi propoganda poster inside the box and a copy of Signal magazine on the chair

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