Marauder Gun Runners Head, Rifle and accessories.
Kwinn Head
World Peacekeepers Motorcycle
Project Bricks (Hobby Lobby - Use the Coupon!)
Alpine V5
Firefly V25
Custom Surcoats

I really like the Acid Rain concept. But, I haven't collected any because my focus is usually somewhere else. I finally decided to purchase the Acid Rain Coffee for Two set and noticed that its secondary market price was too rich for my blood. So, I decided to make my own version.

I looked for fodder that I wasn't using, I had an extra Alpine body and an extra Firefly body. I made them both custom surcoats and gave them each a vest. Firefly got Kwinns head and an ammo vest from the Jurassic Park figure that is easily found on eBay. The Alpine got a Marauder John head swap similar surcoat and a repainted World Peacekeepers vest. The back wall is painted Project Bricks. Remember to use the Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon! Lastly there is a repainted World Peacekeeper motorcycle. Neat little thing, I used Vallejo Rust, Stain and Chipping Set. Vallejo paint is expensive but I love the quality. I use cheaper acrylic paint from Walmart for my bulk painting.

I noticed after I took the photos that I should have drilled out Fireflys barrel on his weapon.

But overall I am pretty happy with the outcome, enjoy!

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