The Nekid Lady Saloon was the first building I built in the Town of Two-Gun. I am happy with it, but I would most definitely do somethings different if I ever made another saloon. I want to point these issues out to you beforehand and hopefully; this info will help you guys build your own versions of old west saloons. First of all, I scratch built the window and the swinging doors.
If I did this again, I would buy the 1/12 wood windows off eBay and use those, plus I would use dollhouse miniature storm shutters for the swinging door and assemble it before I framed the entrance. For this build, I used Home Depot paint mixing sticks for lumber. But they need to be cut down, and they have the company name on one side. Much easier, cleaner and cheaper to buy paint mixing sticks off eBay that is all evenly cut to 12" and do not have any markings.
Next is the poker table. I like it. It is scratch built, but Diowarriors came out with a round poker table for $10.00, so I would go with that. Plus my chairs they work, they are from Tomy Smaller Home sets. I always got them pretty cheap, but once again Diowarriors has real wood chairs for $2.00 a piece so I would go with those. The difference in cost of scratch building and purchasing these items are negligible, but you will save on time, and the details are well made, so that's why I say I would go that route. Now for the bar area. It works, but if I would do it again. I would stain it with some dark mahogany stain and put a brass bar rail along the bottom. I purchased and contemplated placing a mirror behind the bar but figured the picture of the Nekid Lady would do just as well and give me an excuse to name the bar something raunchy. Yes, I know Nekid is misspelled. Its an inside joke with a friend of mine that now and then lets her country girl accent come through. The cigar box and whiskey bottles are from eBay, the piano which is shockingly made for 1/18 is from Etsy.
The lass entertaining the patrons is an Indiana Jones Willie Scott head swapped with the lady from the Shark Tank set off Amazon. Lastly, I wanted to point out my paint choice. I like it. But if I had to do it again, I would choose another color besides green. Makes it challenging to use green screen software for photos. I also strongly recommend using the cheap Walmart Apple Butter paint. You can't go wrong with 99 cents a bottle and wood soaks up a lot of paint. Enjoy!

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