Project Bricks from Hobby Lobby (Use the Coupon!)

The Marshal's Office was the second building I decided to build for the Town of Two-Gun. Initially, I looked around for a cell door of some sort but found none that were big enough or looked correct for the period, so I made my own out of hobby wood. I then built the cell window, windows, and front door. Painted them with that cheap Walmart Apple Butter paint, I always talk about and let them dry. For the foundation, I used a scrap piece of wood, and then I measured out the initial layout of the project bricks. When I was satisfied that the design would work, I started building up. It is all held together with wood glue. It is very sturdy.

The desk and typewriter are customs from Zanzas_Toys on eBay. You should check her out, unique niche items for 1/18 and reasonably priced. A neat little feature I built the Marshals office is that the cell window is removable so criminals can escape. As I mentioned before in the future, I will not be scratch building my windows. You can purchase small 1/12 wood windows off eBay for about $2.50. They come with laminate for glass, and they work great for 1/18. I figured this out when I started working on my general store. It is much easier to work with the pre-made windows, the windows look uniform, and the dioramas look much better. There is a small gap in the back corner of the office, but that was because the project bricks are slightly different in size, and I had to eagle eye it. It doesn't bother me because so many old west buildings looked like they were falling apart that I think it looks the part.


If you remember from the Nekid Lady Saloon pictures, the Marshal had to draw down on Curley because he drew his six-shooters during a card game. So Curley waits in the klink until a famous local "Territories Lawman" arrives and confers with the Marshal to either let Curley go or to transfer him to the county jail to await trial.

The first picture you see the Marshal taking a small break at the doorway.

The second picture, the Man in Black, tries to intimidate the Marshal into letting his friend Curley go. The Marshal responds in the negative and picks up the shotgun to make sure the point is clear.

The third photo shows the office with the roof off.

The fourth photo shows the Marshal checking on Curley.

The fifth photo shows the Man in Black placing explosives in the cell window and telling Curley to back away.

In the sixth photo, you can see Curley making a break for it
Now if only my Boss Fight Studio horses will arrive so, a posse can be sent out after those two desperados.
As I mentioned before, as new CFT waves get released, I have plans for the town to expand. If you missed out on the Kickstarter, you can still get the figures at SmallJoes.COM. Enjoy!

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