Mylar balloon sticks
Self-Adhesive bandage wraps
Battery paowered LED light strip

While brainstorming tshirt ideas for Assembly Required, nova tweaked a proposal and suggested a Night Force Bivouac. You hardly ever see Night Force playsets so I intantly fell in love with the idea. But we didn't have time to cast or buy all the parts we'd need. Then I remembered NiubNiub and how he's run the Star Wars Celebration builds using common materials. And that was how the idea was born.

We did an Advanced Duck Blind version and a Beginner pup tent version for young kids. The original prototype used aluminum framing and flower wire making it super sturdy, but then we would have had kids trying to saw the tubes. I had one with a clear tube that I inserted a LED string on lights through to mimick the Night Force glow in the dark stickers. The last one I built was the miniature one for the JC Diorama display.

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