Built an base for the Flagg to put vehicles underneath. The base give the support beams a 4 inch raise. The pictures do not show it but there I also added a mini string lights under the carrier deck. I initially used a 6 foot piece of plywood and several 2x4's. Underneath the platform I used 6 rolling wheels. Painted the base with a Flint Grey color paint. Some of the stickers used are repro's. I had almost all the parts except for the PA system and some of the pegs.

I got this idea from watching GI Joeburgh on youtube. One of the changes I made was to add a rolling track on the lifting platform. I bought the Flagg in 2014, but did not start the modification for at about two years later. I first had to build a extension on the desk in my man cave to display the Flagg. Once I started it, it took about 3 to 4 months to finish. Unfortunately I had to the base I made and the large parts before moving from NY to Florida, however I kept all the detachable small parts, mast parts, and vehicles. So if I get the chance to get another Flagg, I only have to by the larger parts.

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