containers from holiday incense sticks
napkin rings
led tea light

THE PILOT is a random torso i got in a lot with a large skull cast that came in a trade. the mask is mcfarlane with a joe tube and dive collar.

XENOMORPH SERPENTES is a 7" xeno tail with a boss fight snake headress and uv glue eyes.

LONG ONE is a halloween rat tail with a faux flower "berry" and the large "teeth" came from a skylander weapon.

These are perfectly preserved large alien specimens. They are suspended in a dry vacuum.

THE PILOT- Mundus gubernavi, sometimes referred to as space jockey. These humanoid creatures are towering at nearly 8ft tall though evolving in zero gravity has taken their ability to stand. It is believed they were the first race to discover and study the creatures we now know as xenomorphs.

XENOMORPH SEA SNAKE - Xenomorph draco serpentes. This specimen was collected from an aquatic planet. it is eel like but with a thick exoskeleton .

THE LONG ONE- gigantis album tinea. Little is known about these large parasitic creatures. It is believed they are the oldest creatures ever discovered, and they can lay dormant for centuries until a food source becomes available.

In the dark vastness of space there are nightmares that are flesh and bone. In my travels i have collected many specimens of alien creatures. I primarily study Xeno biology and archaeology that focuses on the various xenomorph species. I also study other alien predatory and parasitic life forms.

My research goes to the highest bidder. I have provided Cobra and the collective governments with pieces of my findings, but the only complete record is here with me.

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