clutch of 6 eggs
medium easter eggs
coffee lid base
hot glue

single eggs x3
choco candy eggs
SW disney infiniti bases
hot glue

3d resin printed face huggers and chest burster
custom painted

I have successfully bred/reproduced various xenomorph creature in my lab. These eggs represent generations of cross breeding and DNA splicing. I am most proud of the hybrid face huggers with manipulated color coding.

In the dark vastness of space there are nightmares that are flesh and bone. In my travels i have collected many specimens of alien creatures. I primarily study Xeno biology and archaeology that focuses on the various xenomorph species. I also study other alien predatory and parasitic life forms. My research goes to the highest bidder. I have provided cobra and the collective governments with pieces of my findings, but the only complete record is here with me.

I bought the 3d resin printed huggers and bursters from a great seller. They were a lot of fun to paint.

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