xeno hawk. megabloks alien with old? megabloks wings, reaction alien queen talons, Godzilla line tail

alien dog -ripley (inspired by planet 51) - reaction alien head w/boss fight knife handle, 7" xeno tubes, megabloks alien tail and terra dalmation

neomorph alien- crab claw and unknown mini figure.

alien queen embryos- dollar tree crab claws on sea horse tails (both came in set of sea life) .
wire, weed eater line, litebrite pegs (xeno blood), .22 short cases, end mill plastic containers, fodder bits
container- iPhone earbud case.

Xenohawk - xenovoltur - a dwarf xenomorph drone capable of short flite. extremely dangerous in large packs.

alien dog - xenocanis - ripley is more than a specimen he is a lab companion. his bite is worse than his bark, but what you really need to watch for is his highly acidic pee.

toddler alien- neomorph - a very young this specimen is our first neomorph

alien queen embryos- xenoregalis - these queens represent the future breeding stock for our project.

alien blood vials- safe storage for our most precious commodity. we are just beginning to understand what rich DNA located in these extraordinary creatures.

In the dark vastness of space there are nightmares that are flesh and bone. In my travels i have collected many specimens of alien creatures. I primarily study Xeno biology and archaeology that focuses on the various xenomorph species. I also study other alien predatory and parasitic life forms. My research goes to the highest bidder. I have provided cobra and the collective governments with pieces of my findings, but the only complete record is here with me.

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