these are "tube" creatures except for the starfish looking devils tongue which is from a skylander figure. containers are from the dollar tree craft section.

vampire virus infected -

ovum orbis satanis "the egg balls of satan"- female carrier near bursting with millions of infected spores.

unknown deep space larva ( technicians dubbed martian pickle) infected w/ vampv

Earth 2 fetal aquaria infected w/ vampv

The "male" carrier of the vampire virus dubbed the devils tongue. can impregnate any living organism with the virus just by rubbing against exposed flesh (licking).

The virus attacks the circulatory and nervous systems of a wide range of hosts. it only exists in darkness or artificial light. As exposure to uv rays instantly kills the virus, but if infected for more than a few hrs also kills the host.

In the dark vastness of space there are nightmares that are flesh and bone. In my travels i have collected many specimens of alien creatures. I primarily study Xeno biology and archaeology that focuses on the various xenomorph species. I also study other alien predatory and parasitic life forms. My research goes to the highest bidder. I have provided cobra and the collective governments with pieces of my findings, but the only complete record is here with me.

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