Spilked tail of leviathan/jormungandr- unknow spilke tail?, avengers bust base

Skull of surtur staff - ready player one chest, kiss spikes, kabob stick

Altar of darkness- tmnt alien ,glass bead, disney infiniti base

Steppenwolfs head and helm - large scale skull and helmet from dc steppenwolf

Orb of the dead moon- curtain rod finial, avengers bust base

Spilked tail of leviathan/jormungandr- the tail of the slain beast which guarded the entrance to the underworld. This relic is endowed with the dark power of death and the dead. It can raise an undead army to do the bidding of him that possesses it.

Skull of surtur staff - the iron skull of a fire giant. His soul now sits at the end of the world waiting for the true end of time where he can slay men and gods. This is the most powerful relic known to man and it takes dark magic to wield.

Altar of darkness w/jewel of fate- the blood red jewel gives power to this ancient altar. When dark magic was wielded upon the altar the crystal ball cracked. Now the crystal is forever cracked and it can not be used for good.

Steppenwolfs head and helm - the head of the slain giant with his otherworldly helm. It is believed no man can be slain that possess this relic.

Orb of the dead moon- holds within it the solaris of the golden dawn. This relic has the power to slow and even stop time.

A dark fantasy realm hides in the the shadows of my verse. Witches, monsters, dragons, and beasts of all kinds crawl in the dark recesses and caverns of my mind. Is it another reality or distant past? It is unknown to all but the lost wanderers in time and space. The occasional fallen soldier or evil commander find their way to this nightmare scape never to return. Will the adventure team stumble upon a gate deep within an ancient temple? Will serpentor open the gate bringing the dark realm here to wage war on gi joe? Stay tuned to find out....

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