Creality Printer
Black & Silver Filaments

What started as a print test turned into a lesson in all the things that can go wrong! I downloaded the files to create this sci-fi wall backdrop, only to discover that it was scaled for 1:64 (I think) mini D&D type figures. I scaled it up to be able to be used for 1:18 display. While printing the silver wall, I noticed that the print started to lift on the corners. Eventually I came to learn that was become the room itself where I was printing was too cold, and the bed didn't stay heated well enough to hold the print down flat. This resulted in thin corners, and if you look hard enough, you'll see the support structure of the wall showing through, where the 'skin' is thin. The black 'wall' was moving along just fine, until somehow my Z-axis stopped moving, and the nozzle of the printer decided to plow through the support structures and create a terrible noise. I aborted the print at that time. HOWEVER, put these two fails together and they make a happy accident generic sci-fi backdrop for photos.

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