Base: Lid from a box of copy paper.
Ramp: Hauler Rig
Vehicle Deck/Light Fixture: Star Wars Ep2 Yoda/Super Battle Droid playset
Weapons Bin: Cobra Rage
Fridge/Cooking Range: Farm playset
Computer Control Station: Big Brawler Gunner Station
Training Deck: J.U.M.P. Platform
Monitors/Computer Bank/Stairs/Bunk/Personal Care Facility/Wall-mounted doodads: Mobile Command Center v1
Cot(Not Pictured): Chap Mei rescue litter

Critque Thread:

Designation: Dragon's Den
Primary Function: Private Retreat
Secondary Function: Emergancy Base
Primary Occupants: Turbo, Dragon, Frontline

At it's widest/Longest/tallest points its 20-1/2" (From rear to vehicle ramp in the front) by 12-1/2" (From side to side, upper training deck included.) by 5-1/8" (from bottom of the box I used to the top of the light fixture {Well, it's actually part of the Star Wars Ep2 Yoda/Super Battle Droid playset piece that I turned into the vehicle deck, but I gave it a silver-blue brushing to make it the lighting for the cave.})

Used a lot of MCC parts, a Big Brawler Gunner Station (without the missile system), a WHOLE section of the second floor of an MCC (it was a first release MCC that was weather-aged from being outside, not in any condiditon to use. The piece with the steps and brig is what I used.), A spare JUMP landing pad (upper training deck), the table piece from a POTF Chewbacca as a table and chair, inverted the frame from a Chap Mei rescue litter to turn it into a cot, and at the local junk store (which has a toy table) picked up these farm playset pieces (part of a barn or silo and a wagon) which with a little triming and painting got turned into a fridge and a stove (which I actually placed on part of the big MCC piece.), A Rage weapons container as a weapons container, part of the Hauler Rig I took the PAC-2 from for the Off-Road Thunder as a ramp so that small vehicles (bikes, mainly, and foot soldiers) could get up onto the Star Wars piece vehicle bay (Ramp and vehicle bay double as the entrance.)

One or two people can live there comfortably, anywhere from three to a half dozen easily, up to nine or so if people sleep on the floor, and you can cram in almost a full dozen troops if they sleep/go on duty in alternating shifts.

Only flaw is that the box it's all in is basic cardboard (albeit painted in grey and white on one side {ran out of the other paint I was using} and a rocky textured paint inside and out. I used the same type of paint on a MOBAT... (looks a bit funky, but it works.)

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