Krylon Fusion Patriot Blue spray Paint
Walmart brand Equipment Primer Gray spray paint
Krylon Matte Finish Clear Coat
Decals courtesy of GI Joe Heaven

The Cobra S.W.A.T. Platform is open to multiple environments whether it be at Sea, Arctic or an Urban setting. It serves as a munitions and supplies depot and a refueling station for light aircraft. Several have been known to frequent the coasts of Africa and the Antarctic due to their transportability exact locations are not known. They are constantly moving. When Cobra engages full force in an urban setting they have been known to drop these platforms and use them as depot stations for their assaults.

I purchased a very sun stained TTBP and figured it would look great repainted but in Cobra colors. The colors chosen work well at sea and in the arctic so it is not limited to one location. Whether it be Morays and Eels, Snow Serpents and Snow Wolfs, or basic Blueshirts aboard it they all seem to mesh well with its deco.

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