Agamotto, mushrooms, trees and toadstools entirely sculpted by hand from Fimo oven hardening clay.
Original Eye of Agamotto: ARAH gun, piece from POTF2 Bespin Luke accessory, Stikfas dog bowl and clear soap bubble marble.

I was thinking about putting this up as a figure, but as there are no 'points of articulation' at all, I figured it should go in as a playset. This was my first attempt at sculpting with an oven hardening clay in twenty years.

Okay, I think a word of explanation is needed for this one. Only real hardcore Doctor Strange fans are going to know this custom:

[quote]Together with Oshtur and Hoggoth, Agamotto is the one of the three eternal Vishanti and one of the most powerful mystical entities in the Marvel Universe. The Vishanti bestow mystical knowledge and power upon sorcerers who invoke their names in spells, and are the main backers of the current Sorcerer Supreme of the Earth's dimension, Doctor Strange. Little more is known about Agamotto than his fellow Vishanti members. He is known to have existed before the creation of the Earth and to have power enough, at least when in his realm, to battle Galactus directly.

By some accounts Agamotto was the first Sorcerer Supreme of the Earth's dimension. This likely means that Agamotto helped to protect the Earth from evil before a native Sorcerer Supreme could be established. It is likely due to this that Agamotto chose to donate many articles of his power to the Marvel universe's Sorcerer Supreme, as he felt a special connection to that reality. Among these items are at least two versions of the Eye of Agamotto, the Orb of Agamotto and the Book of the Vishanti.

Agamotto himself is called "the All-Seeing," and has apparently spent his long life observing events throughout the multiverse from the dimension in which he resides. He has been known to express partial apathy at any one universes' destruction as each is just one of the many universes that he likes to follow. Often this type of behaviour is part of an act he puts on: he has pretended to be indifferent or even hostile to Strange before just to teach or motivate him. The Vishanti feel responsible for the safety of every universe, but on at least one occasion the other Vishanti interfered, because they felt that Agamotto was being selfish. At other times, Agamotto chose to warn Strange, even though the other Vishanti felt that he had betrayed them.

When Silver Dagger stabbed Doctor Strange and kidnapped Clea, a dying Strange attempted to heal himself using the Orb of Agamotto. Instead of healing him, it sucked him inside and into a surreal world. The first creature he met was a giant talking caterpillar who advised Strange to just give up and die gracefully. Strange ignored this and went on through the dimension, eventually willingly dying and being reborn as the true Sorceror Supreme. He emerged from the Orb to defeat Silver Dagger and rescue Clea. Bathed in the light from the Eye of Agamotto, realising that he had lived badly, Silver Dagger forced himself into the Orb where he spent several years discussing philosophy with the caterpillar.

Silver Dagger eventually emerged from the Orb a changed man, even giving up one of his eyes to replace one of Strange's damaged by dark magic. Not long after this, Doctor Strange went back into the Orb, where the caterpillar revealed that not only was he Agamotto the All-Seeing, but also that he took his form from the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland, a book that Doctor Strange had read in his youth.

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