Hut: tiki bird house roof, bamboo table setting mat for the walls, wood dowels for inner frame, lego leaves and real fern leaves

Well: tiki bird house bits, hot glue, chap mei fish, and PTE bucket with string

Fire and spit: Hot glue, transparent paint, dowels, fake tea light candle, string, and cheap farm animal pig

50 gallon drums of goo: PTE and hot glue

This started as my portion of much larger group dio that never came to be. The concept of the dio was that Cobra invaded this area of the Amazon jungle to mine for a rare metal ore. There was going to be a Cobra base and a temple ruin too built by other members.

I decided to finally show what I made at the Canadian Joe Convention. I made a dock that I didn't have time to make a river for as well as a tiger pit trap and second hut that would have made things too crowded for this particular display. I put the second hut on the free table at the show so hopefully someone out there has themself a great little display piece.

I created a few native tribesmen out of Akatar Warriors and had a couple of resistance fighters and an assortment of Garden BATs outfitted with chainsaws and a bulldozer. I tried to move things around during the show to keep things fluid.

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