The highlights of parts used are as follows:
Legos for entry ramp and power moniter
Christmas lights with JoeDios Hal print out
5 hour energy drinks with gumball machine caps
DC pocket heroes chairs
Gatorade bottle and tv antennae dish
Binder divider and 3 liter soda bottle
Optimus Prime trailer defense unit
Solar panels from garden lights
G-Force computer
Pixar party favors
McDonalds American Idol toy for the leg struts
Plastic board for the main body
Baseball card holder
Hot Wheels wheel for hand crank door knob

"Houston, can you hear me now?"

Lunar Echo Outpost was one of the first permanent structures erected on the moon. Pre-fabricated on Earth using NASA agency-wide resources, it was transported to the Moon using both the GI Joe Crusader and Defiant space shuttles. Its functions include gaining clearer signals for the DSN*, acting as a local relay for those stationed on the moon and with Earth, and monitoring and intercepting signals.

*Deep Space Network - international network of radio and radar antennas

This project started as part of a group dio. I wanted to do a small listening station that could stand alone along with some smaller filler objects. As it stands now, it is much bigger than my original concept. Part of that was intentional as it had to be the focus now. Mostly, it was an accident. When I packed up the project, I made rough cuts for all the plastic board with the intention of cutting it all to exact dimensions later. Over a year later, I started putting things together forgetting that intention. The original length was only suppose to be as long as the 3 liter bottle roof. It was suppose to be much more cramped on the inside like you would expect a space station that was pre-fabbed and transported by space shuttle to be.

A couple of explanations. The split transparent roof was done to offer some semi-privacy to those stationed there for weeks at a time. The accessory pack Flash backpack is a place holder for one I painted to look like an EKG machine and can't find. The space suit has no head and is just hanging on the wall. The breaker/power supply box was reused from my Mass Device diorama.

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