Nike shoebox
Spiderman movie Doc Ock tentacle w/ clay
Printed screen shots from the cartoon
Blue file folder and file paper

One of three catalytic elements that powered the M.A.S.S. Device was heavy water, which could only be found at the bottom of a deep trench in the Pacific Ocean. The Joes and Cobras both foudn ti at the same time and battled each other until they were attacked by giant sea worms. They were able to fend off the worms together and made a temporary truce so each of them could get the heavy water.


I made this for the Custom Celebration Two Week Shoebox diorama and recently realized I never submitted it. Probably because I was never entirely happy with it. The box I used wasn't a very good one. It kept collapsing in on its own weight. I wanted the front end of a SHARC in there, but once I set up the figures it was already too crowded. I threw the whole thing together over a weekend. About the only things I was happy with were the worm coming out of the wall and how the divers are suspended in the air by slits and holes in the box.

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