Jakks Mi World Sketcher's shoebox
Heroclix figurine leftover from the JC vs Zombies GP
Tiny palm tree from an abandoned group diorama idea
Model terrain from the tree tutorial
And some "army man in-a-box" sandbag wall

One of the challenges we do every year for the Custom Celebration is a shoebox diorama. The limited confines of the box as well as the easy storage once completed make it ideal for a two week deadline. It really forces you to dump overly complicated, grand designs that would normally bog most builds down to the point you never even bother starting them. Well, this year with time running out, I just couldn't decide on a direction to take. But I loved seeing what everyone else came up with so much that when I saw these teeny tiny shoe boxes, I had to take a stab at doing a Cobra attacks type scene.

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