Insulation foam
Sandwich sword toothpick
Aves Apoxie sculpt
Custom labels

Backstory: I was sealing some air conditioner units in the house and had some strips of insulation foam leftover. I was trying to figure out what to do with them when drbindy showed off a painted sandwich pick sword. I stuck one I had in some pieces just for giggles. My daughter came in and asked if I was making a Sword in the Stone to which I thought, "I am now," but actually said, "No I'm making a toothpick in the foam." A couple of google searches later and I had the start of a fun diorama piece. I actually wasn't sold on the sword and dug through the fodder only to come back to it because of the shape of the hilt. I imagine Storm Shadow and Spirit fighting who gets to pull the sword out only for Dream to come along and and steal their thunder.

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