Build a Droid dome
Episode 1 C-3PO
Angry Birds Star Wars Han in Carbonite
Star Wars Xcavations Creature Crate
Tea light
Twisty tie

Mutt and Junkyard were just getting back into the Christmas spirit when the tv in the Pit started playing Disney presents the Star Wars Holiday Special 2; A Life Day Story. They were so entranced with how charmingly cheesey the movie mashup was that they sat in utter silence through out the entire special. After it was over, Mutt went to talk to Sci Fi and Grandslam about what it would take to make the droid leg lamp from the movie in real life for his bunk.

* * *
In a Star Wars group on Facebook someone showed off a 1:1 droid leg lamp based on the one from A Christmas Story (last pic). I loved the mashup idea so much I immediately dropped what I was doing to make a custom of it for my figures.

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