Kabaya VAMP Mexican bootleg and J-Man stickers
Siege of Cybertron Hound with VAMP mk 1 cannon
Shrinky dink paper
Teletrann 1 probe #1: night fishing light up bobber, plastic army man space satellite panels, rocket jet exhuast nozzle, and Lego antenna

Teletrann 1 probe #2: smaller regular bobber, section of plastic army man space satellite panels, half parrel from toy pirate ship, and Dial Tone phone antenna

Teletrann 1 diorama: Mandingo Rex print outs, posterboard, G1 Optimus trialer battle station, 25th Scrap Iron rocket launcher, Flonase cover with Iron Man energy effect container, Bot Bot tape dispenser, random transformer claw, Marvel Legends Showdown stand arm, condiment paint mixing containers, acetate paper heat vacced to Hound.

I'm not usually into papercraft, but Mandingo Rex did a great printable Teletraan-1 that I was originally going to use as just the flat front computer for a background but ended up making a whole diorama scene out of what he has up.

Some other notable firsts happened here too. I've been wanting to do a curved wall or archway out of foam board for years based on but the right project never came up. It is barely visible but the right side has a curved overhang to help mimic the inside of the ship better.

I couldn't figure out how to do the glow effect for the vehicle or the figure. I was trying to find some plexiglass when my wife took out some shrinks dink sheets for the kid and her friends to make Father's Day keychains with and she just so happened to have an extra sheet. I want to say it was skill that shrunk down to the exact dimensions for the VAMP to fit but that would be a lie.

For the figure energy bubble, I went looking for more shrinks dink paper and found acetate sheets in the scrapbooking along with translucent glow in the dark orange spray paint. The idea became doing a heated not-vaccuu-but-press-formed shell similar to internal action figure packaging. So there I was with the wife, a wax paper covered cookie sheet, a heat gun, and two spatulas trying to shape the acetate sheet around the figure like one does with a loved one for funsies. Heat, push, spread, heat, now the other side, and repeat 100 more times. It looked great and then I sprayed it. Not transparent and it glows green, not orange. Even my wife was bummed about that.

Lastly, the probe needed to be in two scales. It needed to be bigger with the figure Hound and smaller with the model VAMP. The only thing in that shape that is both readily available and cheap are fishing bobbers. The larger one is a night time red flashing bobber and the smaller one is the smallest size from a multipack. The jet exhausts are halves of two different sized barrel casks. EscortNavi

Ok, ok, This is the last thing. Two tiny details I want to point out. 1) There is a picture of the probe scanned VAMP displayed on the Teletraan-1 main screen. It is an inverted color of the VAMP v1 blueprints. 2) The kid put one of her Bot Bots in the diorama because it matched the colors. When I saw that and the fact its alt mode was tape, I decided to use it as the housing for the claw that puts the transformers back together.

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