Styrene square tubes for the tiered stands (thanks for the tip drbindy);
Power Team Elite tables from Marauder Inc.;
Epoch capsule display shelf;
Candy container for toy bin complete with scenery grass

Mark M's 3D printed SNAKE Armor,
Micro Vehicle Warthog,
Star Wars Risk clones,
Star Wars Battleship and skull charm for Roboskull,
Micro Machines jets,
Necklace charm for the MANTA,
1:72 gaming miniatures,
Kabaya "chocolate model" Gung Ho,
Iron Giant Hogarth figurine,
DC Gumball machine toy,
GI Joe Monopoly USS FLAGG,
Diaclone motorcycle,
Smallest Optimus Prime,
Stargate Awe Striker minature,
Bandage wrap and flower wire

Waaaay back when, JoeCzar pitched the idea of doing a JoeCon diorama that centered around the idea of a record player mimicking the never ending lines. I loved the idea and thought about how to expand it to include not only the JoeCustoms display but other Joelebrities and Mint in Box dealers. Then Joe Con went away and so did the motivation.

Fast forward to few months ago and I'm in full Assemlby Required prep mode and going through my WIPS to see what is close to being show ready and what needs to be pushed back. MarkM had sent me a 3D printed miniature SNAKE armor a couple of years ago that has been sitting on my work bench evere since. I thought I could Night Force that up real quick...and then I went spiralling down a rabbit hole minaturizing everything including the AR Custom Class diorama tutorial build.

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