Lanard Corps vehicle from Wal-Mart and stickers from the 25th Cobra Gunship.

The BOA is the next generation mobile missile vehicle in the Cobra vehicle line-up. It is designed to have more range, punch, and defense capabilities than the Stinger Jeep. It is based on a humvee frame with enhanced over ground clearance, engine performance, and armor. Armaments include a hood mounted .50 cal machine gun which is triggered by push button controls on the steering wheel, and 3 fire and forget surface to air/land missiles which are aimed and launched by the passenger with the assistance of a glove box mounted targeting computer system with HUD display that projects on the windshield in front of him. This vehicle paired with the 5 passenger Constrictor and next generation HISS tanks will be the backbone of Cobra's ground forces for the next decade.

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