Iron Grenadiers Dominator
Tonka Helicopter
Whirlwind cannon
Dragonfly wings
Rattler missiles

My super badass Tank destroying helicopter. This one was an easy task, I really liked the Dominator, but didn't like the treads on it. I found a Tonka helicopter that had landing skis that were the perfect size. So I used the whole bottom with the skis from that chopper There is a ton of scratch building done to blend both halves plus the tail together. I also added the Dragonfly's engine thrusters on the back as well. It's painting a dark metallic blue on the body with a black underside and engines. The blades are done in a carbon fibre metallic grey. The interior was painted flat grey and black and all the controls are painted red grey and white. The red Cobra Air Force logos really set it off. I love this one.

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