The main body is of course the Dreadnok Tri Cycle battle motorcycle. My brother suggested that since the Dreadnoks headquarters are in the swamp, that the slick tires the original had would probably get them stuck in the mud. With that in mind I have re-fitted it with some tires more appropriate to their terrain. The wheels come from a toy 4x4 truck, don't know the manufacturer. And the rest is just a bit of repainting.

Storm Rider and Torch, sick of getting their battle choppers stuck in the muddy swamp decided some modifications were in order. "We need something that can plow through the most boggy places the swamp has to offer and leave our enemies spinning their wheels without even slowing us down," they thought out loud. So they pulled one of their choppers into the Dreadnok chop shop and went to work. When all was said and done what emerged from the shop's bay doors was the new and improved Dreadnok Mudslinger. "It just needs one more thing" said Storm Rider as he and torch stood admiring their handy work. "What's that?", asked Torch. "Some Mud!" Storm Rider replied and they tore off through the swamp to break in their newest addition to the Dreadnok motor pool.

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