Star Wars Rebels Attack Shuttle
Crimson HISS treads
Retaliation HISS turret
Desert Fox Missiles attached to modded Tactical Battle Platform launcher
Halo gun
Cast Gatling gun barrels
Bits of fodder
Drones are made from Retaliation mini-HISS drones and fodder

From Resurgence 2 by PHX Customs

Cobra's latest main battle tank is HISS, the high speed sentry. Canopy opens, tank body raises, and cannons swivel. Includes removable drones and driver SABOT-VIPER!

I was checking out the toy aisle at Target one day and came across a Star Wars Rebels Phantom Attack Shuttle and the artwork on the box screamed HISS tank to me. I took it home and popped it on some Crimson HISS treads and it looked like it had a lot of potential. A few mods later and it looks quite HISS like. The two drones are both made from the little mini-HISS tanks from Retaliation Firefly. They are meant to add some play value to the setup.

Box art by Sam Panico

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