2005 "D.T.C." Cobra Hiss
Tiger Paw small gun and turret
Cobra Ferret small gun and turret
1990 Mobile Battle Bunker rear deck
1991 Cobra Paralyzer turret with cannon and launcher
1987 Dreadnok Cycle missiles
1986 Thundermachine multi-barrel cannon.

Interior seats: foam
Front ladder: styrene
Interior ceiling: sheet metal

I really like the 2005 'D.T.C' Cobra Hiss but have not been happy with the armament that was given the tank or the interior compartment.

After playing with the interior I found a 6-seat arrangement that allowed for two "gunner" positions located directly behind the drivers seat. Four more Vipers can be seated internally, while two can use the pegs on the back.

The Paralyzer twin cannons easily match the original 1983 H.I.S.S. tank armament and then augments this with an effective anti-aircraft/ anti-ground combination of a multi-barrel machine gun system and "fire and forget" missiles. The tank also features two anti-personnel cannon on both sides.

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