HISS, CGI backpacks, SAW Viper backpacks

I thought that the ammo fairy was a pretty lame excuse for field resupply of an armored force, so I filled in the gaps. Hasbro really needs a military consultant. Anyway, answering the age old question: "how do i rearm my HISS?" - here is the HAASV. Externally mounted load configurable and interchangeable small arms ammunition racks surround the outside of this armored cargo vehicle for easy in the field access. Inside there are HISS rounds. Lots of HISS rounds. How do we get them from HAASV A to HISS B you might ask? With a man portable conveyor belt. Just drop the rounds on the belt, then safely and conveniently lower or raise the rounds to the tank lizard waiting to be restocked. Crew with two and happy hunting.

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