Toys R Us Soldier Force motorcycle
Green, Brown and Red paint
Stickers from Cobrastickers

Recon Sled - Bravo Vehicle 14.99$ MSRP
Advance deep into Cobra territory in this superior armored LCV (Low Crawl Vehicle). Throttle operates the sled visually through the dashboard -mounted HUD. Includes GI Joe driver Throttle.

Made for the GI JOE: Resurgence project in the summer of 2014.

Not much to say on the recon sled, I was just browsing the toys at tru one day trying to find something unique to use as a vehicle for the project. I found this, and had never seen it before. The minute I saw it, I thought "updated recon sled" and that is the story behind it. I used cobrastickers and some others to spruce it up. I really like the way it turned out, considering I am not really into doing vehicle customs at all.

Dusty79 provided the figure "Throttle", and really did an awesome job making it seem like he was part of the vehicle itself.

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