Slugger Wheel base
Bomb disposal vehicle
Rear half of the Snow Cat body
TBP crane
Whirl wind frame for trailer

The Cobra M.U.L.E. Multi Utility Lift Equipped

The Cobra Mule was the first vehicle designed to salvage or steal damaged or undamaged GI JOE vehicles. It's operator Wolf is a former antique dealer that turned against the Joes when his store and rare motorcycle collection were accidently destroyed by a stray missile from a Sky Striker. Wolf loved his collection so much that he began helping Cobra by stealing from the Joes and using money to rebuild his collection. The Mule itself is built from a Slugger Snow Cat and Bomb Disposal vehicle that were abandoned by the Joes. It has the ability to push or tow almost any vehicle and room to carry tools extra fuel and supplies as well as cutting and welding torches mounted to the side. It also has a trailer that carries more tools and salvaged parts or whatever is needed to be hauled.

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