Moray, Battle Platform

When was the last time Cobra hijacked a ship? I don't know, but Somalis did it several months ago. Somali pirates command more fear on the high seas than Cobra?? This is unacceptable bad press prior to the movie and Cobra Commander is not pleased. The Sea Snake is the answer to restore Cobra's bad name to the hydrosphere and return them to the level of global villiany they deserve. A special Moray designed to deploy Eels or Air Troopers (if Eels aren't to your taste). A modified hold provides equipment storage and seating below decks for your favorite payload. The new and improved forward cargo area even has a hatch for easy access and storage of random items...maybe even a prisoner (or somali pirate;) or that extra keg for Captain Morgan. Rear compartment now seats four comfortably and features additional electronics suites to manage air traffic...CLAWS, FANGS, Flight pods, kites, whatever you can land on your Snake. Originally intended to be enclosed, the Eels Union successfully rallied to keep the compartment open for maximum play space, sea breezes, and fishing rods. Surprise the FLAGG or an oil platform with a combined attack from above and below launched from the distant safety of your very own Sea Snake. Yeah, it lost some missiles, guns, and the hydrofoil, but it's still super...super dangerous...after all, it is a Sea Snake!

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