Main Part: Buzz Lightyear vehicle, painted Olive Drab. Antennas: cut from 88' Swampmasher rollbar. Gun: Unknown. Decals and Weapons: Miscellaneous.

Keeping a combat force supplied is paramount to the success of any military campaign, and the Badger TUV (Transport Utility Vehicle) helps get the job done, even when the terrain is somewhat less than hospitable. Six wheel drive and winch equipped, the Badger is as tough as its name implies; and, just in case that is not enough, it has a top speed of over 100mph and is equipped with a pivoting 20mm cannon. From General Hawk's file, concerning the vehicle's usefulness as a personnel transport: "When officers in the second World War, Korea, or Vietnam had to get somewhere in a hurry, they could count on their trusty old Jeep. . . . Me, I'll take the Badger."

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