All: Ret. Tomahawk

This custom was part of Night Force week, a project put together by several JC members including myself. Our approach was simple. These figures are meant to be repaints and kitbashes from existing figures and vehicles. Like the originals, we planned them out to be a series of thematic 2-pack and vehicles.

In my Joe-verse, Night Force is not a standing unit. I imagine, every Joe has his ''standard'' uniform as well as a Night Force uniform for night operations. In the same vein, vehicles get special mission-specific paint jobs as needed.

When the Tomahawk was released, I knew I wanted a black one in my collection, although I am not the only person to make one (I'm, at best, the 43rd person to do so lol). I was fortunate to find a couple on clearance at Toys R Us, so I picked them up and set about painting it.

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