1 base/legs from Star Wars AT-AP
1 Top of 1:16 Hooben T-55 MBT
2 1/18 German PAK 40 canons for sides
1 Gundam twin gatling gun (from an old kit)
2 1/18 GI Joe miniguns (can use marauders 1/18 variant but this fit for my purpose).
2 1/35 Chinese Type 98 MLRS kits (for miscallaneous parts and for rocket launch tubes).
Styrene plastic sheets (Evergreene or Plastruct).
Styrene tubing/I-Beams
HIQ Parts for metallic tubing, chains, hydraulics
MSG parts for rivets, cylinders, hooks, handles, etc.
LED's (from Evan designs, cannot remember company name off hand).
EL Rope light for interior lighting (fiberopticproducts).
Aves Sculpt Epoxy for body sculpting and weathering (mud effect on feet).
Krylon Paint for base
Acrylic flat base camo paints (Floquil and Model Masters)
Weathering Powder
email me for name of companies for LED's and EL lighting or whatever questions may have. LED's are really cheap, easy to wire, come in various sizes (micro to 6mm).

One of few alien vehicles reverse engineered by military/civilian engineers working in joint military/militia SR&D facilities. Primary facilities were found outside occupied territory. However, due to dangers of transporting captured equipment, makeshift SR&D facilities were setup throughout the occupied southeastern US. US and other allied forces were hard pressed to duplicate mech and other alien technology.

The original mech was part of an enemy scout unit. Militia forces ambushed and destroyed the mech outside Atlanta, GA. Militia took the main chassis (leg components) to mountain base camp. Although non-functional the legs were intact. Engineers integrated the damaged alien hardware with human technology and constructed the first bipedal vehicle. Material was gathered from military posts to construct the vehicle.

The human variant exploited the advantages of exceptional load bearing capabilities of the aliens bipedal design. Nicknamed "Rabid Bear", it was designated in new class of weapon systems: Bipedal Guard - Infantry Support and Assault Mecha (BGISAM).

"Rabid Bear" was heavily armed:

2x side mounted cannons with specially redesigned ammo that could penetrate armor or use fragmentation rounds for infantry support.

2x rear 40 round rocket artillery launchers. Combined, 2 launchers carried total of 80 preloaded rounds and 80 rounds in a cartridge below the launch tubes. The artillery was light but could inflict casualties on light armored/infantry units.

2x side mini-guns for anti-personnel defense

1x lower mounted, twin 30mm chain gun. It could easily take out personnel and light armored vehicles. It had become an effective offensive weapon.

"Rabid Bear" was used in limited offensive engagements. It served more of defensive and recon role for militia and military. Engineers were hard at work trying to mass produce the new bipedal weapon system. Faced major constraints; lack of resources, time, tooling, to mass produce them. Factories were in safe zones distant from the fighting. The logistics of moving the BGISAM's into occupied territory was difficult.

Military and scientists were in rush to better understand the material used in the alien vehicles. Alien technology was taken out of the occupied territories to safe zones in Tennessee, Kentucky, or Virginia.

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