Main Chassis: 1986 Devilfish V1
Torpedoes: 1986 Devilfish V1
Naval Mines: 2001 Desert Striker mines
Machine Gun: Marauder John M-60-E3
Lightbar: Miscellaneous Dollar Store 4x4 Truck.
Antenna: Unknown
Stowage: BBi Fieldpacks, 1985 Ammo Dump ammo can
Decals: 1985 Devilfish reproduction decals from Cobra

When the G.I. JOE Team was reactivated the top military equipment design experts were brought in to look at the previous arsenal of vehicles to make recommendations on updates or replacements. The Devilfish was in need of some much needed updates. The design team replaced the missiles and static 7.62mm light machine guns with a remote controlled M-60 C8. This LMG is controlled by the operator's helmet through a HUD system, much like on the AH-64 Apache helicopter. A new communication system was installed, as well as two naval surface mines. An emergency life raft was added as well as a new color scheme was chosen. The code name was changed from the Devilfish to the Stingray.

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