1985 Moray
Cab and LLM from Motorworks MLRS
T-Shirts for carpet and Cobra symbol
Back window from 1/18 H2 for skylight
Drywall mud
Super glue
Elmer's Glue
Krylon Burgundy and Navy Blue

I had been wanting to build this for a while. I had the Moray for it, I just needed some motivation. When I got the motivation, I just ran with it. This took about two weekends worth of construction, and another day or so of detailing.

The best part about the Sea Snake is the fact that it's also a playset. The upper part can be taken off to show the throne room/conference room inside. The floor was probably the easiet part to build. I cut out a lot of the boxed in part of the hull (that housed the hydrofoil parts) down to an even level all around. Then I cut out some heavy paperboard from a shoebox to fit, and covered it with navy blue t-shirt. The upper body parts were the most difficult to put together. I had to reshape an almost cubical box of plastic to get the angles I needed. I finished that off with some carboard to cover the holes, some drywall mud to smoothe is out, then paint.

A very fun to build custom. My favorite part is the color.

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