Chassis, Flamethrower, Gun Mounts: Road Rebel
Missile Rack: SpyTroops Gun Station
Machine Gun: Chap Mei
Multi-Barrel Driver Cannons: Chap Mei
Cannon support: Custom made, using balsa
Antenna: Chap Mei

In the waning days of civilization mankind continually developed new and exciting ways to off himself and wage war as he had done pretty much since the first caveman picked up a rock and used it to bean his neighbor, except now the weapons were more high-tech and far more lethal.

One such weapon was the Warbot, a vehicle equipped with weapons that could either operate independently through its built-in AI module or via remote control; Warbots took a variety of forms but pretty much all were built for survival and lethality, so much so that long after those that made and controlled them had been blown to atoms, the Warbots themselves continued to "live" on.

The Slammer AR-3 was one such Warbot. Designed primarily for destroying fortified bunkers, it sported a three-tube missile rack firing HEAP rounds capable of penetrating up to three feet of reinforced concrete; a flamer thrower mounted to one side and a 7.62mm internal-feed machine gun mounted to the other tended to make quick work of any survivors. The tracked, armored vehicle body gave it a high degree of mobility and it's low-slung profile made it a difficult target to hit.

This particular Slammer AR-3 was modified by an inventive waste-dweller, who added a pair of heavy-duty multi-barrel driver cannons (each cannon holds 6 depleted uranium tungsten rods and was originally intended for construction use to drive pitons and bolts into solid concrete) which draw power directly form the Warbots fusion-reactor engine. Other such variants are bound to exist in the wastes, where they still continue to wage war in an age where man is a dying species....

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