Main Body: 84' Water Moccasin, painted olive drab. Turbofan/prop assembly: 84' Whale. Rear air spoiler and turbine bolster/shim: 87' Air Skiff. Top hatch, cut down: 88' Warthog. Gatling guns and turbine: 86' Thunder Machine. Antenna: 85' Check Point Alpha. Missiles: Corps. Deck gun: 89' Stalker. Decals: 88' Warthog and 86' Thunder Machine.

Whether from deep inside the narrow confines and shallow inlets of a backwater swamp, or out on the perilous waves and wide open spaces of the coastal seas, the Seahog TF3AV (Turbofan 3 Attack Vessel) has, time and again, proven itself to be a very capable, deadly craft. Equipped with double "Pulverizer" gatling guns, two Albatross 2 ELASD4 (Extreme Low Altitude Search and Destroy) high yield missiles, FN .50 cal. deck gun, and a top speed that remains classified, it really brings the fight. From General Hawk's file: "The Seahog is destined to remain an indispensable asset to the G.I. Joe team for a long while, and for a few good reasons: It packs the punch of the Whale; is less than a third of the size; and is a fraction of the cost to operate."

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