21st Century Hummer. Stinger was chop shopped for the tow hook, turret base, turret and missiles.

Cobra Stinger II is a survivable air defense platform that Cobra ground troops have long needed. The Stinger II provides an affordable GBAD (Ground Based Air Defense) system that is light weight and mobile. The stinger uses IR (Infra-Red) missiles with a 5 mile range. In tow is a MMS that has been cloned from a captured Joe system. It provides ARH (Active Radar Homing) tracking capabilities as well as HOJ (Home on Jamming). This cloned system has a 20 mile range and helps extend overall tactical air defense out to a range that gives the ground snakes a chance to accomplish their mission by denying the Joes immediate air superiority. Working in conjunction with HISS-SC's Cobra operations have seen a significant increase in our air superiority and air space denial to the enemy.

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