Vintage Snowcat, Custom fabbed parts from styrene, various fodder parts: missile, guns, etc, 30th anniversary Techno Viper, 1/18th garage diorama set, custom paint, custom decals

I had a lot building this one. This is an idea I've had for a while but couldn't decide on how to do it. I took an old Snowcat & went to work. The cockpit was modified to accept vintage & modern figures. The windshield is cut in a jagged pattern to mimic an explosion. I used the toolbox, torch kit, welder, & air compressor from a garage diorama set & of course, painted them purple & black. Custom mounts were made for these as well as the rear panel from styrene. After the paint scheme was applied, a gave it heavily weathered look & topped off w/custom decals & a matte topcoat. the paint wrinkled slightly on one side when the matte finish was applied but I think it adds to the rough look.

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