Main Body: G.I. Joe Mudbuster
Cannon: Spytroops Conquest X-30 Sound Attack Cannon
Light: Johnny Quest version of Cobra Mantis

Unit: MB-323-A
Codename: Tiger Growl
Primary Function: All Terrain Assault
Driver: No Assigned Driver

Data: Another result of the same restoration project that created the Tiger Stalk, the Tiger Growl was actually the first of the two that work began on, but the larger amount of damage to the Mudbuster base led to the completion of the Tiger Stalk first. The Tiger Growl's main gun is a high-caliber cannon designed originally as an air-to-air/ground weapon until it was decided that the weapon would be too alkward on a fighter to be used for this purpose. The most defining characteristic of the Tiger Growl is it's version of a horn: the sound of a tiger's growl.

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