2 extremely cheap Wal-mart or K-mart plastic green vehicles were combined into one. I took the gun turret off it's base which used wheels, and put it on the base from a radar/command vehicle which used tracks. The idea was to make a more convincing weapon system, and still have a transport.

Original parts were dark green, painted, modded and added decals to make it slightly futuristic.

In my science fiction verse (where the Joe's Cantina stories exist), there are 3 main political players. Earth still exists, but is mostly neutral with some interplanetary police functions and diplomatic duties, while the Two Kingdoms - Avalonia and Elysia - are the true powers driving mankind's exploration of and dominance over those parts of the universe known as The Fringe.

Custom-wise, I've devoted the most time to building up the Avalonia back-story and characters, partly because this is the world Percy Ajax came from. Partly also to keep the Elysian's a bit mysterious, as the ongoing cold war between those factions would necessarily leave many unknowns between them.

As I work towards expanding the ranks of the Avalonians, I am most specifically dealing with one Carrier Vessel of the Royal Avalonian Armada - the RAA Trinity. There are fighters and pilots, crewmen, officers, etc... The main fighting force beyond security for the RAA are a branch of - well, let's not pull any punches here - Space Marines. Except that I call them Cavaliers to keep with some of my normal themes. This vehicle is just one way in which Cavaliers get around, planet-side, on a squad based level. Mostly it was an attempt, however, to take two flawed cheap pieces of plastic, and see if I could make something useful from them.

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