Body: Plates of 1/8" aluminum
Tank trends: An old toy bulldozer
Front wheels: An old Radio Shack RC truck.
Top guns: G.I. Joe Locust
Side canons: SW Clone Trooper web cannons
Side mini guns: Cobra Earthquake
Other guns: Various toys
Controls: Computer circuit boards.
Computer screens and windshield: Clean plastic
Seat belts and harnesses: Copper wire.

This Tiger Claw is a rebuild from an older version I had made out of cardboard way back in the day. It was originally supposed to be the Thundercats Thunder Tank. But when I got into Aliens I turned it in to an APC.

Since the first version was made from cardboard it began to age and sage, I decided to completely rebuild it about 3 years ago. This time I built it with the aliens APC as the main idea so I added some computer stations in the cockpit which now holds four instead of two like the Thunder Tank did and added an opening to the rest of the APC. I also made the treads larger so I could fit more troops inside the rear area.

The Tiger Claw can hold a total of 18 passengers and crew.

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