Wolverine lower chassis with scratch built upper chassis, Chap Mei armored car turret with reworked cannon
Different fodder for the details

Wal-mart Forest Green for the base coat, Polyscale Flat Earth and Polyscale Black for the camo
CAM decals for the star
Archer Transfer for the emblem

The T-60/25m Dushman (Bandit) is an all-terrain, all-weather vehicle with night capabilities. Its primary role is to gather information. The Dushman is used by medium reconnaissance units and Motor Rifle Divisions for reconnaissance. It is air transportable via An-70, An-22 and An-124. When combat loaded there are 210 ready rounds and 420 stowed rounds of 25 mm ammunition as well as 400 ready rounds and 1200 stowed rounds of 7.62x54mm. A supplementary DshK 12.7mm machine gun can be pintle-mounted at the commander's station in the turret.

The Dushman's main armament is the 25mm Chain Gun. The weapon has a single barrel with an integrated dual-feed mechanism and remote ammunition selection. Either armor piercing (AP) or high explosive (HE) ammunition may be selected with the flick of a switch. The Gunner may select from single or multiple shot modes. The standard rate of fire is 200 rounds per minute, and has a range of 2,000 meters (depending on the ammunition used). A wide range of ammunition has been developed for this weapon, making it capable of defeating the majority of armored vehicles it is likely to encounter, up to and including some main battle tanks. The PKM machine gun, mounted to right of the Bushmaster, fires 7.62x54mm rounds.

When facing heavier enemy armor the Dushman relies on a supplementary AT-11 SNIPER laser-guided ATGM, (not pictured) which can penetrate 700-mm of RHAe out to 4000 meters. Launched from a smooth tube launcher, the missile's wings and tail fins are folded inside its body until launch. Four of these missiles are carried ready to fire in an armored launch rack on the right of the turret. The missile is equipped with a massive shaped charge, high explosive warhead and is propelled by a two-stage solid propellant motor. The range of the AT-11 missile is nearly 4 kilometers.
The T-60/25 has a crew of 3: Driver, Gunner, and Commander

An interesting design note on the T-60/25 modern. It was originally meant to be a basic upgrade of the leftover T-60's from the Great Patriotic War. Due to the age of the old tanks the refit was abandoned and the Modern T-60 was re-designed from the ground up.

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